Your house is an investment. So is your bathroom. Would you hand over your stock portfolio to a fresh college graduate? Of course not. Then why risk handing over your home to an inexperienced modeler? When you hire an inexperienced laborer, you risk ending up with a moldy bathroom, a chaotic home, and a bloated budget. The price of your project shouldn’t include stress.

With over 40 years of experience, Dave Davidson Remodeling does right the first time. Guaranteed.

Below, we’ll take you on a professional walkthrough of the bathroom remodeling process. Let’s get started.

The Dave Davidson Difference

The finished product of a professional will always be better than an amateur. But, it’s the work the professional does outside of the bathroom that makes the most significant difference.

Dave Davidson is your go-to for everything.

Call the electrician! Call the carpenter! Call the plumber! Call the framer! Call the assistant!

Or … call Dave for everything.

We provide all the services you need for a complete bathroom renovation. Whether it’s getting the proper permits, contacting suppliers, or working with designers, Dave takes care of all of it personally.

No one wants to call ten different people to get an answer to a question. To keep things simple for our customers, Dave handles every question personally. When customers have a question, they know they’ll get an answer.

Licensed and Insured

On top of 4 decades of experience, Dave Davidson Remodeling is both licensed and insured. Because they don’t have insurance, when an amateur remodeler runs into problems they will disappear and stick you with the bill!

Our clients don’t have to worry about that. As our boss Dave likes to say, “My name is on the line, and my customers prefer it that way.”

Safety First!

A professional won’t just focus on making your dream bathroom come to life; they’ll make sure it’s done safely as well. Safety is a huge concern when remodeling requires structural or electrical work. Having someone who is an expert in both is a huge advantage.

We make sure that your home is not only safe for you and your loved ones but clean as well. Some companies leave the debris for clients to clean up. Others rent an eyesore of a dumpster that sits in front of your house

Professionals do better.

We clean the work area and haul the debris away every single day. Not only does this preserve a pleasant living environment during the remodeling process, but it also helps prevent any accidents from occurring.

Building a Beautiful Bathroom

In contrast to living rooms and bedrooms, bathrooms are challenging spaces to design and remodel. One of the most common challenges comes from the natural constraints posed by the original layout and surrounding rooms.

Big challenges require detailed plans.

The most crucial work is done before lifting a single hammer or wrench.

We begin every project on-site, side by side with the client to plan their dream bathroom. We ensure that every piece from the tub to the door handle works together before moving forward.

In the Hampden County area, bathroom remodeling requests will generally fall into one of three categories:

  • Requests for a “Rip and Replace” Remodel.

Clients that like the layout of their current bathrooms but want a different look often choose this type of remodeling.

It’s cheaper than a full remodel, and it preserves the original footprint. The walls, pipes, wiring, dimensions, and subfloor all remain the same. All the other parts of the bathroom are swapped out to create a brand new look.

“Ripe and Replace” highest costs are typically tubs, sinks, and toilets.

Please note that while standard fixtures are currently available, there are delays for custom orders. We can get pebble flooring for showers immediately, but custom-colored stone wall tile will take time.

The pandemic has spurred a surge in building material consumption, meaning some custom orders will need 4-5 months for delivery. This is longer than usual, but this is currently the case across the whole country.

  • Requests To Restore Traditional Bathrooms.

Not all houses in Hampden County are suitable for “Rip and Replace” remodel. As one of the 13 original colonies, Massachusetts is an old state filled with vintage houses. Accessing pipes and wiring in these homes typically requires a full gutting. Old wiring, known as knob-and-tube wiring, must be updated with modern non-metallic wiring.

Many clients instead prefer to preserve the history of the bathroom as much as possible. In this case, we carefully examine which parts must be updated and then carefully choose matching replacements.

Understanding a home’s architectural history is absolutely necessary for reviving a traditional bathroom.

Knowing what bathrooms looked like during that period can ensure that the space stays both functional and historically accurate. The Davidson Family has been in Hampden County for generations, which is how we are able to offer this unique kind of remodeling.

  • Requests for a Complete Bathroom Remodel.

The most common remodeling work we do at Dave Davidson Remodeling is what’s called a full remodel.

A full remodel involves doing all the refresh work that happens in a  renovation: new paint, new tiles, new lighting, and new fixtures. But the distinction is that a full remodel includes construction. If the client wants a wall torn down to reframe and expand the space, it’s a full remodel.

The bathrooms in Hampden County are often on the smaller side due to their age and are typically located between bedrooms. This is important to note because expanding these bathrooms means compromising existing bedroom or closet space.

Full remodels involve large-scale construction and structural changes to the space. They include redesigning the wiring, rearranging the plumbing, and laying new flooring. These changes typically require significant electrical, plumbing, and building permits.

This is where Dave’s extensive expertise really shines. By having a master electrician and plumber on-site at all times, we ensure that things get done right the first time. Having someone with a lifetime of work in all these areas prevents the breakdown that more inexperienced companies get with big projects.

How To Get Started

There are companies in Hampden County that take days, sometimes weeks,  to contact you back. That’s not how we believe customers should be treated.

When you call, we answer.

In fact, Dave insisted that we list his personal phone number so that you can call him directly to schedule a quote. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself: (tel link) 413-569-9973.

If you prefer to send a message, we have an option for that too.

Simply send us a message using our contact form, and we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less.

Don’t wait any longer to bring your dream bathroom to life!