Create An Oasis!

Small Bathroom RemodelingA small bathroom remodel project can quickly turn into a zen oasis. No matter its size, no small bathroom need be drab and dull! If the full or half bath is the one used by company, it is especially important to give it some pzazz. So here are some small bathroom remodeling tips and ideas.

Dave Davidson has been remodeling small bathrooms for over 20 years now and knows all the little details that help save you money and create the perfect small bathroom oasis. He remodels bathrooms throughout Western Mass including Southwick, Holyoke, Springfield, Westfield, West Springfield, Northampton and Easthampton. He has designed the perfect bathroom for all areas and designs.

Dave uses high quality fixtures and a variety of slim line cabinet or wall mount installations for small spaces, even corner mount sinks. If storage underneath isn’t an issue, a petite pedestal sink may be a good option. In a guest bath, a medicine cabinet isn’t necessary and can be replaced by a large, decorative mirror.

Don’t shy away from color and pattern in a small space. In fact, the “jewel box” feeling can be enhanced by rich color and gilt fixtures, carrying the color onto the ceiling. This blurs the distinction of a box-like cabinet created by traditional colored walls and white ceiling. Avoid wallpaper borders, which exacerbate the claustrophobic feeling. Remember, reflective surfaces, whether by shiny wallpaper treatment, mirrors or plated sconces bounce light around the room.

Adequate light, especially in a tucked-away small bathroom, is important. Tubes that draw in reflected light from outside may work, but at the very least sconces and overhead lighting should be flattering day or evening. A nightlight is an important feature for guests.

For a spa-like feeling, rich earth tones or grass green, grass cloth paper or bamboo accessories will evoke calm serenity. Don’t forget freshly scented candles and creamy soaps, and even the smallest space will feel wonderful.

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