Bathroom Design Trends this year are leaning heavily into gold accessories, rose gold, and pastel colors. If you’re looking for something geared more towards men in the Springfield area, these trends will not work. Whether you are looking to separate ‘his & hers’ spaces in the house or decorate your bachelor’s pad, here are a few practical tips on how to add a masculine touch to your bathroom.

Masculine bathroom design trends for men are consistent. But you still need to update to keep current and fresh. Dark moody tones, rugged woods, industrial metal accents, textured stone, and aged materials are added to create an earthy feeling. Men like to mix modern design aesthetics with industrial and rustic, or natural, design.

Bathroom design styles for men, embraces clean lines and sharp corners, with large flat surfaces, very similar to what people imagine when they think about modern design. You can also get creative with combinations of stone and wood, which is reminiscent of rustic style bathrooms. Metal piping and fixtures that are popular in industrial design also work great in a masculine design bathroom.

Adding bold touches to make a man-friendly bathroom is easier than you think. Colors and tones play a crucial role, alongside materials and accessories.

Even with a small budget, you can make some big changes that will allow you to remodel the room and achieve a design that you will love. Bathroom design is ultimately influenced by individual tastes. While masculine bathrooms can incorporate any of these common elements, the important thing is to be true to yourself and maintain a consistent look and feel.

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