If your tub has seen better days you may be deciding between buying a new one or re-coating what you already own. Dave Davidson expert bathroom remodeling in the Feeding Hills area has some things to think about before you decide.

Bathroom Remodeling vs Refinishing Feeding Hills Area

When Not to Refinish – Refinishing is well-suited to very old tubs, which typically have more character and are made of higher-quality materials than what’s available today. This process isn’t always the best solution, of course. For example, for a newer, low-quality tub, you’ll get better results by replacing it with a higher-quality model. Tubs that are in bad disrepair may not be candidates for reglazing. Also, homeowners who are remodeling and want a larger tub or one with more modern features, such as jets, will need to demolish and replace. And if you are going to do a complete bathroom remodeling, a new modern tub will give you a finished professional look.

When to Refinish –  If your tub just has a few stains, small cracks or rust, a trained professional can fix and re-cost the surface for a brand new look. In many cases you can also change the color.  However, in many cases, homeowners have compared pricing to find out reglazing can be as expensive as installing a new tub.

As always, it’s best to get quotes on doing both. And if time is an issue, reglazing can take as much time if not more than an install. Be sure to ask about time restraints when getting a quote. Your end result should be a beautiful tub or shower that perfectly fits your household needs and the layout of your bathroom.

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A well-maintained home that has regular upgrades and is modernized will hold and increase in value more than homes that become dated and behind the times. Contact Dave Davidson Remodeling at 413-569-9973 to discuss your bathroom remodeling project.  

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