Each and every bathroom remodeling project involve many important decisions. It’s because of the many variables involved when planning to upgrade your bathroom.

Here are several elements you might want to consider.

Electrical and Plumbing Work. If you’re undergoing a total bathroom remodel, now would be the time to make sure all plumbing and electrical service is up to code and functioning properly. Any old plumbing should be replaced to avoid leaking or bursting. Rewiring needs to be done to accommodate new electrical appliances, lighting, and exhaust without blowing circuits. It would be a shame to not upgrade and experience water or smoke damage to your new bathroom.

Additional Storage. With more bathroom toiletries than ever before, additional storage may be needed. Vanities now come with deep drawers and many others have built-in storage for hair tools with an outlet right in the drawer. Shelving and wall cabinets can also be functional and attractive. With so many places to shop online for new and functional bathroom storage, your biggest problem will be the decision.

Ventilation and  Natural Light. If your bathroom doesn’t have any or enough natural light, consider adding some. A small transom-style window high up on the wall can brighten the space and add ventilation. Glass blocks are a nice way to have natural light without compromising privacy or needing to add a curtain if you have wall space above a garden tub. New exhaust fans should be installed when the weather is too cold to open windows.

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