The COVID 19 pandemic has proven to be a perfect time for homeowners to begin making the most of being at home. What makes your house feel like a home? The answer is different for everyone. From creating a kitchen with an open floor plan, transforming the backyard into an oasis with a new pool or outdoor kitchen, a new bedroom with the perfect zen vibe, or adding the perfect office to complete work at home, many are looking for tips and DIY renovation ideas to help bring them a better feeling at home.

With many people being out of work temporarily, some taking time in finding new careers, and others being able to do their work from home, this has given people a prime opportunity to start on those dream home remodeling projects and turn them into reality.

Ongoing stimulus money has also contributed to a skyrocket in the real estate market beginning in 2022. This influx in the market is also giving property owners the opportunity to profit more than what they paid for originally, making it the perfect time to update and remodel to maximize that profit. To help those with interest in home improvement projects and DIY projects, we will look at the top five home remodel trends to look for this fall.

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#1: Home Renovation to Create an Open Feel

Flowing Kitchen Layout

open kitchen concept dave davidson remodeling western massOne of the most common renovation trends in a home has always been the kitchen. This has also become one of the most utilized area of the home lately, due to more people wanting to save money, and not eating out as much to avoid public places as much as possible.

The kitchen has always been the heart of the house, and with many people being able to work remotely, this has become a prime time to return to utilizing this space as a family. Upgrades in the kitchen to have a more open floor plan have become popular with the addition of larger islands, counter space and efficient cabinetry for storage.

Fewer people are wanting to eat out, and more are spending time researching recipes in order to gather in the kitchen and dining at home. Having a dedicated area for the preparation, moving to the stove top, and setting up plates for the family, requires a focus on a design that is manageable and free-flowing.

Knock Down Some Walls

Another great way to add a free-flowing feel to your home could be by knocking out some walls that allow you to see into the dining room or family room. This can also help with those looking to make the most use out of their kitchen area, and not let unused space go wasted.

#2: Renovation Trends for Your Home Offices

home office remodel dave davidson remodeling western massWith more employees having the opportunity to work from home and hybrid work models becoming more popular, comes the struggle of finding a quiet room to be able to do that work. Transforming guest rooms and other previously unused space is the beginning of the new home office trend. From creating the perfect accent wall for the background of your Zoom calls to the perfect glass windows to bring in the natural light, this home remodel trend is sure to be one of the top must-haves for those working from home.

Additions to Create an In-Home Office

Unfinished basements make a great space for a new office. This is a great idea for homeowners who want to be able to work from home but still have a home that functions as an extension of their workplace. Most homes in the past did not come with an extra space for a office, but you can add on your own.

Getting Creative With Your Office Space

Home office space needs to be a quiet room where the homeowner can work and should have great natural lighting. Some may want to create a creative accent wall for video chats with clients and others may also want an area to include a small home gym since they aren’t getting out as much these days.

Your office needs the right furniture—like an ergonomic chair or a standing desk—and enough space for your home computer or multiple monitors. Keep in mind to set up your area with an open feel. Adding some greenery and plants can also increase the energy in the room.

Getting creative by adding a small space in your living room or bedroom could be a fun DIY project that you can do for a relatively small amount of money and still get an efficient space that works for your needs.

#3: Home Remodeling to Bring Comfort

Bathroom Oasis

bathroom oasis dave davidson remodeling home trends hamden county massOne of the best spots to unwind at home? Surprisingly, many think it’s the master bathroom! Why not turn your master bathroom into a personal spa? Create the perfect zen space to relax and re-energize before the next day begins. A big rain shower, freestanding jacuzzi tub, and even bidets are becoming more popular as more people find themselves spending more time at home. A little candlelight and a dimming light feature are sure to give the perfect vibes for a spa-like bathroom oasis.

Create a Zen Space in Your Bedroom

The bedroom is the perfect space that can reflect your personal style and be a space for relaxing. Adding a little interior flair with cozy furnishings, tasteful wall décor, updated hardwood flooring and a nice area rug, and some greenery can add comfort and style to your room. Having enough natural light and color coordination will sure to bring the right energy into your room. Many people also opt for blackout curtains so they can have natural light during the daytime and the perfect sleeping atmosphere at night.

#4: Creative Kid Spaces


playroom dave davidson remodel trends western massThe internet has exploded with new ideas in creating unique play spaces for children, both indoors and outdoors. Since most children had to resort to online learning during the 2020 and 2021 school year and likely again in 2022, parents decided to plan out new creative spaces for them. Some have built rock walls made for climbing indoors, transformed bedrooms into a playhouse with a slide, or have simply added shelving and baskets to better organize their creative spaces. With more parents working at home, and families spending more time at home together, this is sure to be a continuing top home remodel trend.

Homeschool or Learning Spaces

Another trend is homeschooling children during the pandemic, since schools were closed for extended periods of time due to a lack of attendance. This has led some parents to choose to homeschool their children in order to teach them at home with creative spaces designed specifically for this purpose.

A popular form of remodeling is to design an area for learning for the children. Whether its transforming an extra room in the house like the basement, or simply the addition of a new creative corner in a child’s room, finding a dedicated homeschool space can to help reduce distractions, especially for young children. Laura Molettiere from The Homeschool Garden says that decluttering her homeschool space has helped reduce distractions for her little one. For ideas on how to revamp a homeschool space, check out her article here [].

#5: Remodeling Trends in Outdoor Living

outdoor space remodel dave davidson remodeling home trends hamden county massBeing forced to spend more time at home urged the longing to create more livable outdoor spaces as an extension of the home. Homeowners are now bringing indoor conveniences outdoors in order to spend more time outside. Outdoor kitchens and relaxing patio spaces have become popular home improvement projects. Many also started gardening during the pandemic, so creating small garden spaces has grown to be a popular move for those looking for a new hobby.

Patio Additions

Patio additions are a popular trend, extending the living space even further. Wood patios with open pergolas have become popular, and some have even added fabric to the pergolas to create a more peaceful feel. Furniture with moveable parts and storage are a must have for your new patio as well.

Adding some greenery (both outside and inside your house) will also add serenity and balance to your outdoor patio. Whether its potted flowers in a range of color or ornamental grasses that will sway with the breeze will surely bring you peace while enjoying your new outdoor oasis.

Outdoor Kitchenspatio remodel dave davidson remodeling western mass

Taking indoor amenities and bringing them outdoors is becoming a popular remodeling trend and is another step in creating a backyard retreat where homeowners can entertain friends and family.

Just like having an open kitchen space in the house, plan to create an outdoor kitchen area that flows and is easy to navigate. Keep in mind where you will store food and drinks and have plenty of counter space to work.

Grilling islands are a great idea for those who not only like to barbecue but also want to be able to socialize with guests who may be seated nearby. Having weatherproof cabinetry and open-air patio structures with protection from rain and sun are also great ideas to transform your patio and outdoor kitchen. Proper coverage and the addition of heaters or even a fireplace can extend your barbecue season past summer so you can enjoy your new space during all four seasons.

Swimming Pools swimming pool dave davidson remodeling western mass

This home remodeling trend is a forever popular one. Swimming pools can add a new element of luxury and relaxation for those looking to escape from the world around them. It’s a great alternative to travel if you’re planning a “staycation” this year.

In past years, pool design was limited to classic oval and octagon shapes above ground, but the pool industry has evolved with more creativity and building pools to better replicate upscale resorts. LED lighting, “cocktail” pools, integrated spas, and the use of smart technologies are a few popular additions to spice up your basic pool features in 2022.

Although Dave doesn’t install or design pools, he can help incorporate your pool plans into your home remodel plans.

Which Home Renovation Projects Add The Most Value?

The intrinsic value of a home can vary from person to person, and the resale value fluctuates depending on the market and your geographic location. Are you looking to increase monetary value in your home in order to resell, or simply wanting to extend the life of the home you are in to offer a lifestyle you want for your future?

Homeowners are also becoming more concerned with their carbon footprint during this changing climate, and therefore many homeowners are investing in projects that offer sustainable living spaces along with green energy homes. As home remodels continue to change and evolve, we will see the continued growth of home remodeling projects that offer a lifestyle with sustainable living for the future.

Home additions

Home additions can be a great way to expand or renovate your home for future needs with an addition of new bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and other areas. Outdoor living space are becoming more popular as homeowners want to enjoy the outdoors as much as they do the inside of their homes. Remodeling your home can be an investment of great resale value, especially if you’re adding additions to increase square footage.

Eco-Conscious Renovations

Using renewable energy sources is one of the best ways for homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint, save money on utility costs, and increase the resale value of their home. Solar panels can be installed onto a home or garage roofing area with some adjustments to the home design to make space for a panel that will generate enough power for your home. Solar panels can reduce monthly utility costs by as much as 50% and this is sure to add value to home renovation projects in 2022.

Home remodeling trends this year are sure to be exciting with home additions, outdoor living spaces, and indoor renovations. Homeowners will continue to invest in projects that offer sustainable living for the future along with green energy homes.

As home remodeling trends continue, we will see the continued growth of sustainable living spaces and green homes. The use of renewable energy sources and smart technologies is becoming more popular by the day as homeowners become concerned with their carbon footprint during this changing climate.

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